Commercial Window Blind Cleaning in Tampa

Commercial Window Blind Cleaning in Tampa

Commercial Window Blind Cleaning in Tampa – Our Mobile Window Blind Cleaning brings your blinds back to life here in the Tampa. Environmentally Safe.

Commercial Window Blind Cleaning in Tampa – Clearwater Area

Commercial Blind Cleaning in St Petersburg Florida

Blinds are a fine addition to any office building. But they get dirty. Dust, pollen and other allergens, grease and dirt can pile up, discoloring your blinds. Let Hile’s come in and clean your blinds in an environmentally safe and effective way.

At Hile’s, our mobile ultrasonic blind cleaning uses the environmentally-friendly power of sound waves and microscopic bubbles to gently blast away soil, dirt, debris, and discoloration. No smelly harsh chemicals are used. Instead, we use a mild biodegradable detergent. Our on-site equipment produces high frequency sound waves that agitate the cleaning liquid, penetrating directly into surfaces, grooves, and fabrics. Cleaning normally lasts about five minutes per blind in our heated ultrasonic blind cleaner, then they are placed in a rinse tank with a spot-free drying solution. Finally, they are hung on a rack or window to air dry naturally.

Safe-Effective-Affordable Commercial Window Blind Cleaning in Tampa

Save Money –¬†Instead of spending your hard-earned money on new window blinds and window treatments, let Hile’s mobile service clean and repair your blinds and tracks. While most of our customers choose our mobile on-site service, you can also bring your blinds to our factory in Tampa to be cleaned as well.

We are equipped with an ultrasonic cleaner that will restore your blinds to like-new condition.

Additionally, we are also available to repair almost all brand name blinds, and can bring new life your your blinds and window coverings. 

Recently Completed Blind Cleaning Projects

  • Continental Group
  • Offices at West Clifton, Tampa
  • St. Johns Courthouse
  • Aetna Building

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Our ultrasonic blind cleaning method allows us to remove the blinds from your office, take them to our service truck, complete the cleaning and when the blinds are dry, reinstall them. We are also capable of performing most repairs.Call Today!

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