Stage Curtains – Suwannee County

Stage Curtains – Suwannee County Florida – From a small elementary school stage to a large outdoor arena, for over 45 years, Hile’s Curtain Specialties from measure to install.

Stage Curtains – Suwannee County

Stage Curtains – Suwannee County Florida  – Hile’s curtains can be found in schools, theaters, arenas, churches and more throughout the southeast. Nearly 50 years experience in accurate measuring, professional fabrication, and expert installation and rigging.

No two stages are alike. And not all stage curtains are made the same.

From precise measurements to quality fabrication to professional install, you can trust the stage curtain experts here in Florida – Hile’s Curtain Specialties.

Hile’s provides quality stage curtains in Suwannee County Florida area including: Front Curtains, Main Valance, Grande Drape, Masking Curtains, Tormentors, Tabs, Vertical Masking, Cyc and more. Hiles Curtain Specialties is your source for quality custom manufactured stage curtains in the Lake City Florida area.

Additionally. all of our curtains are made in-house in our new 9500 Sq Ft curtain manufacturing facility in Odessa Florida, so custom sizes or last minute alterations are no problem. 

Let us get your rigging working for you!

Stage Curtains – Suwannee County – Hile’s Curtain Specialties

Hile’s Curtains Specialties custom fabricates theatrical drapery and stage curtains throughout the southeast for a wide variety of applications including;

  • professional theater
  • schools and universities
  • churches and houses of worship
  • touring companies
  • summer stockTheatrical Drapery in Tampa Bay 2
  • concert venues
  • outdoor stages
  • trade show exhibits
  • speaking events
  • conventions
  • architectural spaces
  • and more

Since our start back in 1971 as the first stage curtain manufacturer in central Florida, Hile’s Curtain Specialties has grown into the largest stage curtain fabricator in the southeast.

And we’ve done that through meticulous attention to detail along with the best customer service in the industry.

Stage Curtains - Suwannee County - Hile's

From the initial design consultation, to the meticulous manufacture, to the professional installation and beyond, we are dedicated to helping you discover the very best in custom fabricated theater and stage curtains in Suwannee County Florida and the surrounding area.

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