Theater Curtains in Clearwater

Custom Fabricated Theater Curtains in Clearwater Florida – From measure, to manufacture, to install, to opening night – It’s Hile’s Curtain Specialties.

Custom Theater Curtains in Clearwater

Here at Hile’s Curtain Specialties, we take precise measurements, then custom fabricate your new stage curtains in our 9,500 sq ft manufacturing facility here in Tampa, then professionally install.

From Start to Finish – It’s Hile’s.

Every stage is different and had different needs. Hile’s Curtain Specialties understands that unlike curtains for your kitchen at home, you just can’t click on stage curtains and “add to cart”.

Hile’s Curtain Specialties will precisely measure, skillfully fabricate and professionally install stage and theatrical curtains including: Front Curtains, Main Valance, Grande Drape, Masking Curtains, Tabs, Vertical Masking, Tormentors, Cyc and more.

Hile’s Curtains Specialties custom fabricates theatrical drapery and stage curtains throughout the southeast for a wide variety of applications including;

  • professional theater
  • schools and universities
  • churches and houses of worship
  • touring companies
  • summer stockTheatrical Drapery in Tampa Bay 2
  • concert venues
  • outdoor stages
  • trade show exhibits
  • speaking events
  • conventions and trade shows
  • architectural spaces
  • and more

Additionally, our new facility also allows us to offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry, even on the most intricate jobs.

Custom Theater Curtains in Clearwater and More

Hile’s Curtain Specialties offers on-site stage curtain cleaning service in Clearwater Florida. Cleaning, repair and flame retardant treatments to keep you up to code.

Stage Curtain Cleaning in Clearwater

On-site stage curtain cleaning in FloridaThe reality is that stage curtains are some of the largest air filters available. These large curtains absorb airborne dust, allergens, particulates, chemicals and other pollutants. And eventually, they stop absorbing and begin to contribute to poor indoor air quality.which can adversely affect the health of your staff, students and audience members who may be allergic or sensitive to these types of air quality issues. And, they look dirty, dull and dingy as well..

Let us bring your curtains back to life with our professional stage curtain cleaning here in Florida.

On-Site Stage Curtain Fire Proofing Treatment in Clearwater

Additionally, there are compliance issues. The NFPA requires all cotton stage curtains be re-treated with flame proofing every five years. And when it comes to fire safety, you must be proactive. 

And there is no national code, so as a result there is a patchwork of regulations, administered at the local state or municipal level. Typically, fire codes will reference the National Fire Protection Association Standards (NFPA) which sets the standards here in North America.

On-Site Stage Curtain Repair in Clearwater

And Hile’s Curtain Specialties can repair curtains as well! Our fully staffed sewing room can patch and repair most rips and tears. 

No two stages are the same. Not all stage curtains are made the same.

From the initial design consultation, to the meticulous manufacture, to the professional installation and beyond, we are dedicated to helping you discover the very best in custom stage curtains in Clearwater and beyond.

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