Window Treatments in Tampa Bay

Window Treatments in Tampa Bay

Looking for the best window treatments in Tampa Bay and the surrounding area? Hile’s Curtain Specialties – The best value in commercial window treatments.

Commercial Window Treatments in Tampa Bay

Hile’s Curtain Specialties works in a variety of setting here in Tampa. Healthcare, Entertainment, Offices, Skyscrapers, Restaurants, Auto Dealers, Schools, Retail and more.

Custom Window Treatments in Tampa Bay – Hile’s Curtain Specialties

Hile’s Curtain Specialties realizes that commercial window covering projects have different demands and requirements. Hile’s offers many different solutions, including fire retardant materials, specialty tracks, mini blinds, screen shades, manual and motorized systems, awnings, skylight blinds, sun-blocking and insulating products, roller shade and roller shutters and of course, curtains. All custom manufactured to your exact needs and specifications here in Odessa Florida just beside Tampa.

Custom Window Treatments in Tampa Bay - Motorized

Our Commercial Window Treatments in Tampa Bay;

  • Reduce glare
  • Preserve the view
  • Reduce cooling energy costs
  • Protect carpet fading and inventory UV damage
  • Decrease glare and employee discomfort
  • Reduce clerk inaccuracy by eliminating glare on point-of-sale equipment near windows
  • Customer comfort
  • Allow for natural daylight into your space, reducing need for artificial lighting
  • Provide energy efficiently while allowing the best view-through from street

Custom Window Treatments in Tampa Bay – Manual or Motorized

From restaurants and hotels, to apartments and office buildings, to auto dealers, to retail and more, we can customize each order with motorized window coverings.

Motorized Window Treatments in TampaThere are several reasons to choose a motorized window covering system over a hand-operated system. First, a motorized system makes it easier to adjust the position of your blinds and shades.

This added convenience greatly simplifies the control of light and temperature in your commercial or office space, especially if you have blinds or shades that are located in hard-to-reach places, or are too tall or simply too large to easily manipulate by hand.

A motorized system also helps you control light and temperature by making it easy to precisely control and coordinate the position of all of the shades or blinds. In addition, you can program motorized window coverings to open or close automatically at specific times of day. In turn, this gives you the ability to conveniently protect your furnishings, flooring and other valued property from penetrating, harmful UV radiation.

 Commercial Window Treatments in Tampa Bay

From the initial design consultation to the expert installation and beyond, we are dedicated to helping you discover the best in custom commercial draperies, specialty curtains, and other window, light control and privacy treatments that add beauty and functionality for any environment.

For 46 Years Hile’s Curtain Specialties has been the leading provider of Custom Window Treatments in Tampa Bay Florida.

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